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Anyone else?

We've been a bit busy here.  It seems as though our gasoline run the other week that brought a huge mass of shamblers pouring out of the church just down the block also had the effect of bringing them out from everywhere else.  At the high point, it seemed as though we were spotting small groups of them every hour or so.  Fortunately, the groups never numbered more than ten, so we were able to move in quickly and deal with them.  The past few days we've only spotted a handful of loners, also quickly dealt with.  At some point, I think we're going to have to deal with the dead because whenever the wind blows from the direction of the town, it's not exactly a pleasant smell.  But other than that, we think we may have the town and immediate area pretty well cleared of infected.

And we hve our defenses finished.  At least until we decide they aren't sufficient.  But we have an 8-foot wall surrounding the house and the barn.  We have three sturdy gates we can get equipment through, and a wider fourth gate that the ultralight can fit through to get to the grass runway so we can take off.

Our up-river dairy operation is doing well.  We had thought about building more complete defenses around the site, but ultimately changed our minds.  We decided to scale back our plans after we noticed that a shambler had gotten into the pasture with the cows.  By the time we got out there to deal with it, the cows themselves had effectively dealt with it.  So we're just going to close up whatever gaps the shambler may have gotten through and focus our defenses on the buildings with the milking operations.

Our chicken farmer neighbor, while still being antisocial, has increased the amount of eggs and chickens he supllies to us since he's finally figured out that we're his only customers.  In return, we supply him with whatever he needs.

And with the apparent lack of local shambler activity, we've been thinking of sending me out further from the farm.  The area around, us, out to a radius of a few miles seems fairly clear.  The idea to send me out further is to search for any other groups of survivors.  I've thought I've seen smoke coming out of some distant woods, but I couldn't be sure with the haze and I had other priorities at the time so I wasn't able to check.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.  I hope the rest of you out there are still doing well.

Move Fast, Stay Safe, and Stay Armed!


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