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...Server Connected...

**Sends out blanket e-mail to everyone he can think of....**

If you are alive and surviving...please respond.  

Some time ago, our internet access was disrupted and we had NO communication.  

Somehow, we got a new signal and we've been able to start surfing the Internet again (what's left of it), and I'm hoping e-mail is functional as well. 

Shinga and myself are doing okay...we will update if the connection holds.

Again, if anybody is alive out there....please respond.  



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Sep. 16th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC)
Still here, barely. It got ugly here. My brother had to shoot some people out at his place, and Oliver and I have had to take to shooting the occasional survivor, too.

Looters. How fucking pathetic is that? The Shamblers are the least of our concerns lately. We've had fuckers pouring in and trying to take our homes and supplies. We should be working *together*, but these fuckers don't care.
Sep. 16th, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
Glad to see you're still among the living, my friend.

Looters have been an occasional issue out here...kind of follows suit with the shamblers, reavers, and pukes...not many of them. Had Shinga and I been in the city proper we would have been screwed 27 ways to Monday.

The heat was extremely difficult to deal with....33 days of 110+ degree weather...and when it rains, it POURS...we found out we had to dig out a ditch to avoid everything getting flooded. Thank gods for the lawn tractors we...erm...borrowed.

At the very least, a few of the looters we've had around here just wanted food and water...and we took in a small Latino family into our compound...making the population of "Fort Fleshbag" a nice, even....six. They don't speak much English, except for the teenage son, but they're good people...wish we had more we didn't have to shoot.

What is your situation right now, Lemonwitch? More zombies? Less? Still steady? I know we've not gotten a huge increase in the dead things department over here...it's manageable...what about in your neck of the woods?
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