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Now if you've been a survivor this long the first thought that went through your head was "Ammo? Give me a machete any day." to which I say "Bravo sir or madame. But even you can admit there are times when you wish you didn't have to let the putrid flesh eating stumblers within arms length of you, right?"

Thats where guns come in. Ammo is a precious resource. It may not seem like it I know. Ammo can be found almost anywhere. Outdoor stores. Gun shops. Military bases. Abandoned cabins. Sometimes it seems like boxes of ammo are just strewn about the streets of any major city just waiting to be picked up. Heh. I wish. But despite how easy it is to forage it has one major limitation: Nobody is making any more. Oh I know a few communities out there are doing real good at recycling cartridges and casings but I haven't met anyone who admits to actually having any kind of ammo factory going.

Thats why its important for you to understand what types of ammo are out there and when you should use them. For example.

FMJ - Full Metal Jacket. This is probably the most common type of ammunition you'll find. It is what people mean when they say 'bullet'. Unfortunately it isn't very useful against a zombie unless your shooting for certain key weak points. This is because Hollywood had lied to us for a long time. Bullets don't have stopping power. You can't knock someone off their feet with the sheer force of a bullet. Also FMJ are bullets designed to pierce the body and effectively tunnel through it, imparting a lot of kinetic force on the surrounding tissues. This kinetic force is what usually overwhelms the human nervous system and sends the body into shock. See the problem?

All zombies have demonstrated an extremely high level of pain tolerance. That is to say they don't seem to feel pain. They do not suffer from shock. They do not flinch. So the only effective way of neutralizing a zombie is to apply enough damage directly to the creature's body that it can no longer use it. This is why melee weapons are sought after far more than actual guns these days. But that isn't to say guns still don't have their uses.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes.... okay just the Head and Knees. A standard FMJ round placed solidly in a zombie's cranium seems to be one of the few things that will actually make them hesitate. It might take more than one shot mind you. What your really wanting to aim for, nearest that I can figure, is the base of the neck. Somehow I doubt the zombie is actually using any of that brain still left up there but it must be making use of the brain stem or spinal cord.

Knees are an obvious choice but somewhat harder to hit. It usually only takes the shattering of the knee cap to make a zombie fall to the ground, limiting its movement to an even slower pace than normal allowing you time to pull out a trusty sledge hammer or machete.

Okay. So what about other types of Ammo? Are they useful in some way? Sure!

AP - Armor Piercing. Probably some of the most useless zombie killing ammo you've ever picked up in your life. Except for maybe blanks. Blanks are pretty damn useless. This doesn't follow common sense though does it? If this ammo can destroy armor, why wouldn't it hurt zombies even more? Well you must understand AP rounds are designed for penetration. The outer shell of the bullet once it comes in contact with a hard surface, breaks to release a denser smaller alloy of some kind to penetrate whatever the bullet came in contact with, usually body armor. What this means is... smaller bullets. Smaller bullets mean smaller holes. Smaller holes less kinetic force.

So I'm gana lay down a rule for ya. "Bigger is better" when it comes to the size of your ammo.

Thats all I'm gana discuss today. I'll post more about types of ammo later. Gotta get movin.



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