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OOC-Welcome To Zombie-riffic!

Welcome to Zombie-Riffic! A RPG community.

In this game we will all be playing ourselves and blogging our accounts of the zombie appocolypse that is occuring. We will keep in communication via LJ comments and posts. Occasionally shroud1 will post some senerioes and news bulitins that we can react to in our posts.

A Few Rules:
-Please keep things in theme. Its the zombie appocolypse, no fairies, unicorns or anything that may be passable in Lord of The Rings.
-No super-heroing or magical powers. Sorry. We're all playing average joes and if you can't prove to me that you have super strength and can fly in real life, chances are I won't approve it.
-Please no fictional characters. Part of the fun is we're playing ourselves!
-No adult posts (Porn images or links) lets keep things zombie-riffic not porno-riffic.
-If youre talking out of character please mark those posts with OOC in the title.

Any questions? Just make sure to mark them OOC. Want to join? Just post a comment On cinsangel's first OOC post in the community.

Everyone have a good time and lets have some zombie fun!

At last

I'm online now. I'ts nice to finally say hello to everyone out there. I have to say I was shocked to hear that the internet is still working, but I guess that's progress for you.

My name is Sam Gliston. I'm in Lemon Creek, Alaska. You may have read some of the back-dated entries from my journal that I posted. If not, let me give you a recap on what's happened so far.

My wife and I lived in Juneau. When the first patches of infection sprang up, people started to panic. There was a lot of looting and violence. Infection spread pretty fast. It was obvious we couldn't stay there so Sarah and I, along with our neighbors Chris and Brianna and their two children packed up whatever we could and headed East towards the Canadian border. We picked up a girl named Tamara along the way. She was with us five days before the biters got her. Eventually, we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. The map said there was a town about twenty miles ahead, so we decided to walk. The town seemed deserted. We stayed the night in an old bar and decided to explore the rest of the town in the morning. Chris was checking out an old barn when it happened. There were at least a hundred of them in there. Chris died first. Brianna tried to pull her daughter away from them, but she was overpowered. Only Sarah and I escaped into the hills. She had been bitten. She lasted two days before she turned. I.... I had to put her to rest.

All our weapons and supplies were unreachable. I only had my hatchet and the clothes on my back. I survived in the forest for nearly four weeks before I stumbled upon an old cabin. It had a huge radio tower and I was able to make contact with Scott down in Phoenix (exactly how, I still don't know) and this group of survivors here in Lemon Creek. I found something... terrible there. I couldn't stay at that place after what I saw, so I fortified an old truck I found and headed back West. I didn't stop to eat or sleep the whole trip. I made it to the compound in a day.

When the locals here learned what was happening, they started fortifying the town. There is an eight-foot wall completely encasing three blocks. There aren't many left, but they are good people. They gave me food and shelter without even the slightest hesitation. I've been helping them with the fortifications and doing odd-jobs to earn my keep. The town's generator is up and running and the fishing in the bay is good. We're not far from the docks, so we can escape to sea if we're overrun.

I'm still alive. I plan on staying that way.

On the road again...

I made contact with a group of survivors in Lemon Creek. They've got some kind of tech-savvy kid with them and he was able to get a fix on my location. I'm not as far out as I thought, only about 130 miles away from their compound. They're well armed and have most of the town sealed off. If I can make it there, I might just have a chance of seeing living human beings again.

I found an old Jeep Cherokee parked in a shed not far from the cabin. It must have belonged to the sick old fucker who lived here. It's got a full tank of gas and there are two ten-gallon gas cans in the shed. There's a pile of scrap metal out back. I've already started welding bars onto the windows and windshield. The only trail out of here leads through a town that's literally crawling with biters. After I finish reinforcing the truck, I'll load it up with as many supplies as I can and head out. This isn't going to be easy.

*** Radio crackles to life ***
Scott, this is Sam. If you c....ead me, I'm leaving fi... thing tomorrow. I Won't be in contact until I make it to Lemon.............If you don't hear from me..........a prayer for me. I'll be with Sarah again.

**** Transmission ends. ****

Laid to Rest

I was checking out the area around the cabin. I didn't see it at first, but there was a door hidden behind some bushes. It was some kind of old bunker. The door was locked, but I was able to pry it open. I was expecting a mob of biters to spill out, but it was quiet. I grabbed a lantern and headed down. The image of what I saw will haunt me. It was a god damn dungeon. Blood everywhere. Shackles on the walls, torture devices -- you name it. That isn't the worst part. There was a body. She couldn't have been more than thirteen. That sick bastard! He must have kidnapped her and brought her here. There was a video camera pointed at her corpse, but I can't bring myself to watch the tape.

God, how could someone do this? How could anyone do this to a little girl? Now I know why he stocked this place so well. He was expecting a standoff with the police. I took the girl's body and gave her a proper burial. A biter came running out of the Devil's Brush while I was paying my last respects. He took me by suprise, but I was able to put a bullet in his head. I imagined it was the old man I had just shot and it made me feel better.

I'm going to try to get someone on the radio. If there's a way off this damn mountain, I want to know it.

Finally back online..

I'm not dead.

I know I worried a few of you, and I'm sorry. We lost our internet for awhile here, but some local nerds somehow got the system back up. Thank God.

I'm back at my house now; I needed to be home. I need my nest; I can't hover forever waiting for everything to go back to normal, you know? So me and a few others came back into town, and we zombieproofed the HELL out of my house. I now have bars on all of my windows, for starters. We rigged it so that I can push them open if I need to get out fast-- just slide the latch. But they cannot be opened from the outside.

I already have a six foot fence around my house; it has now been fortified with steel posts pilfered from the local Ace hardware, and I also have basically caged my house in. We stole the fencing off of campus, and draped it from my roof to my fence. It's crude and looks weird, especially with my trees jutting up out of it, but it's kinduv neat looking. The local animals love it, and I've found my yard has become the local reserve for all of the abandoned pets in my neighborhood. I don't mind the company at all, and it's not like I have to pay for the pet food I take.

Things got bad here, fast. The whole local army regiment was wiped out, save for this one guy, Oliver. According to him, one guy was sick and either didn't know it, or tried to hide it. An entire regiment, gone in a week.

Oliver is now living in the other half of the duplex I live in, and has fortified his place similarly. He's also teaching me to shoot automatic weapons without sending a spray of hot death all over the place. I've found I'm best at dropping shamblers with brute force, however. I have an unerring knack for cracking the right joint to drop them, and then I can coup de grace them upside their mushy, stupid skulls. This has impressed both my older brother and Oliver, so I must admit to some pride here!

We don't have a lot of runners here, and no sign at all of the pukers, thankfully. If they move too close I'll shoot with the deer rifle I found in an abandoned pickup on the other side of campus. I have named the rifle Optimus, in honor of my favorite autobot. Optimus Prime, Patron Saint of Survivors.

I'm staying in contact with my family via rechargeable walkie talkies-- we still have power here, thank God, though Oliver and I have both jumped on the generator band wagon for just in case measures. It's strangely good to be home. The animals, and my cat, all make for an ideal warning system, since none of them like these things. I think they smell unnatural to them.

What's weird is watching the sprinklers come on every day over on campus. I know they're automated, but it's so weird to think of watering the lawn, ya know?

Signing off for now; I need to go update the family and see if they need me to bring anything to them.

Later, guys. Stay safe, stay high.

Recap of Events in San Diego

Okay..Finally got some peace.
Currently sitting in the lobby of the Hilton with Max's laptop. We managed to baracade the place up pretty well before and hordes of undead found us. We periodically go through the rooms looking for shamblers and such. Apparently, they have trouble using doorknobs as well so they tend to just be wandering around their hotel rooms aimlessly. We open doors and shoot. We found a few survivors, just hand fulls though. Our numbers increased to about 12...well 9 now after certain incidents.
So I'm sure a few of you are wondering how the hell we ended up from our baracaded little place in Spingvalley all the way in Misson Bay (the OPPOSET direction practically). It started innocently enough. Ty and I went out to do our usual salvage trips, hunting for food, clothing, other people, etc. The men stayed behind. Max stayed behind to renforces the trucks and SUVs, Capt'n attempted to work on getting some form of generator up with Mark. (We were without power for a while). Joe...smoked pot and ate all our twinkies. Since Ty and I have been the designated "looters" the last few days, we knew the drill and were pretty comfortable going out...well...as comfortable as one can BE when being chased by the undead.
A couple tips Ty and I have learned to all you survivors out there.
1-Zombies seem to have trouble with stairs. I mentioned this earlier. And I know Scott has said that they also seem to fall into gopher holes and ditches easily. We used that to our advantage.
2-Dressing in layers is a MUST if anyone is planning on venturing outside. Yeah, six layers of clothing in July in San Diego is usually not a good idea but Ty and I stay really hydrated. I'm sure we sweated off at least 10 pounds in these last few days doing this. The layers will give you some time if one of those fuckers grab a hold and try to bite a chunk out of you.
3-Reavers/Runners/Fast little fucks/ WHATEVER you want to call them may be fast and quieter than the shamblers, they they are JUST and dumb. You can usually outsmart them pretty easily.

But I'm getting off track...
We went looting. Things were alright for the most part. But of course, morbid curiosity got the better of me and since my Sister lives relatively close to Capt'n, and the streets were clear at the moment, we desided to take a detour to see if there were any signs of life. I probably broke the BIGGGEST rule of susvial in any zombie situation, I went to look for loved ones. UGH! I never thought I would be that stupid, but I did. At least I had Ty with me.
So we motored over to Lisa's place. No sign of them. The door was pulled off the hindges and the place was ransacked. I'm assuming it was looted. After venturing in I found my sister and brother in law in the back yard with some shamblers....
I really don't want to talk about it. Needless to say, they are not with our traveling group currently.

Unfortunately I don't remember much of what happened after that. Ty told me that I pretty much snapped. And I'm going to have to agree with her because I just remember shaking my head, still holding Capt'n Starfire sword and covered head to toe with blood.
On an up note, we cleared my sisters house of shamblers.
And then I apparently broke zombie rule number #2 and made WAY too much noise during my episode. Ty and I attracted some vistors. So we got the hell out of dodge.
We tried to get back to Capt'ns but the roads were getting blocked all of the sudden. If it wasn't Shamblers, it was runners. If it wasn't Runners, it was burning debris and car wrecks. If not that, it was asshole gang bangers and looters with shot guns trying to take the VUE. Where did this all come from?!
So after Ty did some massive stunt woman driving and I managed to behead some zombies by hanging out the window and "jousting" them off. We got back to capt'ns.

I slept for a long time. Max told me I kept whimpering and sobbing in my sleep but honestly I couldn't remember nor did I feel puffy eyed the next morning. In fact if anything I was just numb...still am actually. Nothing is really bothering me or phasing me at this point nor is anything making me me feel particually good or alive. I'm just sorta...here. Now I know what Capt'n feels like all the freakin time.

It wasn't a matter of time before the things heard us working and living in the duplex. We were as quiet as possible but We just couldn't keep our hiding out there under wraps. A mob of them showed up at the Kitchen door one morning.
We managed to keep them boarded out while we packed up all the food, survival elements, oh...and the cats...as fast as we could and headed towards the trucks, fighting our way through the crowd.
Oh, Tip #4. Fire a shotgun in the air. It will scatter them for a brief moment.
So we headed out on our slow slow carvan. We were towing a LOT of crap (aka, military vehicles that Max pillaged from his work) so it took us forever to get out. We ended up in Mission Bay since we were all exhausted and it was the path of least resistance.
Yeah, we did stop at Sea World. They still had a crap load of food there bateries and other needed things. If you're fast and sneaky enough you can really dart through the hordes of undead pretty well. Okay, the Shamu I mentioned earlier? Not really THE shamu. I was refering to the INSANELY FAT GUY that was, believe it or not, a runner. Oh My God, I never thought a thing that huge could run so fucking fast!...Well actually, when we hit a slope, it sort of just...rolled after us.
The few tourists we managed to find at Seaworld didn't make it out with us despite our efforts. Just weren't fast enough. Not to mention they were gwakers. Stopped and looked at everything instead of trying to keep up. Running Shamu mowed down the last guy we tried to take with us.

We ended up at the Hilton after we desided that a hotel is easier to overtake than an amusement park. Not to mention the SMELL thats going to hit that place as soon as things start dying. Oh man. Ironically, the Hitlon is one of the places that Max and I were looking at for our wedding. I couldn't help but chuckle.

So that leads us to the now.
We're attempting to get a game plan. But we all know we don't have one. I mean where the hell are we going to go? Some island? Where? Hawaii? By raft? Please...
There was talk about going north. Seeing if we can find friends like Jen, Stacy and Bevin amongst others....because finding relatives earlier proved to be OH so productive to my sanity.
Personally I think the only thing that is an option is to either stay put and guard our skins. Or start rolling out around the coast and taking the fuckers out one by one, kinda like in that movie Vampires, only we'd be lacking James woods. But I'm sure he's somewhere amongst the undead.

Anyways, thats the update here on the west. We're help up at the Mission bay Hilton for those who are trying to reach us. Drop a line if you are coming so we'll keep an eye out and not shoot you.



I've created a storytelling journal about the Zombie Apocalypse. Each post is one page of the story, written on the fly as the plot unfolds. If you haven't had enough undead fun already, check it out. thedeadrise

(zombie_riffic is advertised on the info page and I got permission from cinsangel before posting this.)

Thank you

When he answers prayers, he really answers prayers! I decided to risk climbing to higher ground. At that point, I hadn't eaten anything besides insects and a small rabbit for almost a week. I'm honestly surprised I made it. I guess having twenty undead cannibals below is motivation enough. When I cleared the ridge, I could see a small cabin just a few miles ahead.

It looked abandoned, but maybe they had left something behind I could use. The door wasn't even locked, but the placed smelled awful. Something was dead inside. I didn't see him coming until he was right on me. I had to wrestle the damn thing to the ground. Luckily, it had been an old man when it turned. Even exhausted and malnourished I was able to pin it down long enough to drive my hatchet into its skull. I dragged it outside and left it. I searched the rest of the cabin and it was clean.

God, I haven't been this happy since... well, since Sarah. I have food! It looks like the old son of a bitch was stocking up for Armageddon. There's canned goods, dried meat, CHOCOLATE! I'm in Heaven. I've already boarded up the windows and reinforced the door. This place is old, but it should hold up well enough. The old man had a couple of rifles and a .38 revolver. I could have really used those earlier.

But that isn't the best part. There's a radio with a lot more power than my little wind-up emergency one. I have no clue how to use it, but I picked something up while trying to figure it out.

"...Location....what have you...person....al..."

Maybe it's a rescue team. Hell, even if it isn't, that means there is somebody else alive out there! After fiddling with it for a while, I think I've figured out how to transmit. I hope this works.

This is Samuel Gliston. I'm alone. I haven't seen another living person in weeks. I'm broadcasting from --- well, I'm pretty sure I'm about 200 miles North-West of Juneau. I'm holed up in a cabin. The town below is overrun and I have no way of getting off this mountain except through that town. I have enough supplies to last a few months, but I can probably stretch it a lot further than that. Please - if anyone is out there - please respond.

Wake up call

Damn it! I woke up this morning to find six of them reaching up at me. I should have heard them coming. I used to sleep light. Now I'm so exhausted all the time... Fuck. I couldn't reach them with my hatchet. The last time this happened, I cut a branch down and made a spear. Right through the eye -- that's how you get 'em. I didn't have time for that now. I could hear more coming and my chances of getting out alive were fading fast. I had to jump for it. I hit the ground hard. I thought immediately that I had broken my ankle, but I didn't have time to worry about that. They were on me in a second. I managed to break free by lopping off one of their hands. Served the bastard right. I managed to get away. Thankfully, I hadn't broken anything in the fall.

It's late now. The sun set hours ago but they're still following me. I can only stop for a few minutes. I don't know how many there are now, but I'm guessing more than a dozen. The worst thing is, I was dreaming of Sarah when they woke me. No. I can't think about that now. I have to keep moving. God, please give me something. Just some small favor...

Well that was a hellava thing.

Okay..FINALLY found some power.
FINALLY got the lap top hooked up properly. FINALLY found a fucking connection.

Okay..to all your survivors that are out there still, the San Diego crew is NOT DEAD YET!
We're still surviving. Its been a hell of an up hill battle.

I will fill you all in later on the details but for now the highlights.

We're all hiding out near the coast right now. Close to Mission Bay around the sea world area for those hunting us down.
Shooting guns is fun.
Ty and I have bencome expert salvage technicians...well..looters.
One can easily joust a zombie down from a truck window using a large broad sword...I found this out first hand.
Shamblers seem to have trouble with stairs. It takes them a while to figure them out.
I encountered my first Rever...and I lived to tell about it. The guy running away with me, not so lucky.

Crap. Better go. Need to help renforce the permiter of the Hilton we just crashed in.


OOC Note.:)

Hey Guys!
Sorry I've been a bit neglectful to the comunity the last few days. Just posting a quick OOC note to offer another oportunity for any of our new comers (or old) to ask questions about the community.
Going out of town this weekend so they will be answered on Sunday evening.
Until then, feel free to post away and have fun!:)

And now back to your zombie adventures.


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