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A zombie blog RPG

They're Coming To Get Us, Barbara...
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Welcome to Zombie-Riffic! A RPG community. A bunch of us enjoyed BLITEOFW (
) so much that we decided to open up a community to continue our Zombie-bashing antics!
In this game we will all be playing ourselves and blogging our accounts of the zombie appocolypse that is occuring. We will keep in communication via LJ comments and posts. Occasionally shroud1 will post some senerioes and news bulitins that we can react to in our posts.

A Few Rules:
-Please keep things in theme. Its the zombie appocolypse, no fairies, unicorns or anything that may be passable in Lord of The Rings.
-No super-heroing. Sorry. We're all playing ourselves and if you can't prove to me that you have super strength and can fly in real life, chances are I won't approve it.
-No adult posts (Porn images or links) lets keep things zombie-riffic not porno-riffic.
-If youre talking out of character please mark those posts with OOC in the title.

Everyone have a good time and lets have some zombie fun!