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JOURNALS: Its been a long road

So I figured you people might wana know a little about your humble yet god-like systems administrator here on ZombieNET2.0. So as my first official non-admin like post, I'll be giving you lucky chaps a bit of my history before I start pouring out my guts on the hard-luck life that is our fate. Heh.

My name is Nojh. Well not really. That is my ever popular net handle from way back in the day. Before the Crash/Rising/Apocalypse/Fall/Whatever you wana call it. I was an aspiring programmer, genius, and quite the ladies man, if you know what I mean. *winks*

Okay fine. One of those three isn't true. I'll leave you to figure out which. I spent a lot of my free time designing video games. Seems kinda a waste now. When the Zeds started appearing I was perhaps as unprepared as a zombie-movie loving geek could ever be, that is to say I was only slightly better prepared mentally and horribly unprepared physically. Obviously I wasn't too bad off or I wouldn't be typing this out to you today. I mostly have my original gang to thank for that, may whatever god or gods they worshiped watch over their souls. I still keep in touch with Nathan now and again...

I digress. I survived most of the first year barely making ends meat, watching civilization fall as I'm sure many of you did. I ended up in the mid-west with a small group of stragglers before stumbling upon a small survivor community based around an old nuclear-war shelter somewhere in the desert. There is where I began my plans for ZombieNET2.0. I mean it was the perfect inspiration and honestly? I did really well on my networking courses in college. The shelter had the remains of some of ARPANet or whatever its successor was. None of it really worked, of course... Oh ARPANet was like... the baby form of the Internet that the US military made back during the cold war to keep in communication in case nuclear war struck.

Sadly that community was infiltrated by raiders about a year after I got there and ZombieNET1.0 didn't even get to see life, much less death. Heh. Hey if you don't like my humor you can suck it. I made my way north with the survivors of the raid for that winter cause I heard like a few others than the Zeds don't take to the cold well. Tend to freeze up. Of course that was just... nasty all around. Food scarce. Fire even scarcer. No Zeds but you really wouldn't have known from all the cannibalism going on. Thats how I hooked up with the Dead Heads. They were a small group of Zombie Hunters, one of the first. They had some working electric vehicles, ammo and weapons, and the savior of ZombieNET2.0, Dori herself.

Dori is the real savior of ZombieNET2.0. Sure I scavenged all the terminals, and programed the software structure from scratch, salvaged the file sharing and the journal system, and the backup systems, and the... oh yeah well she managed to come up with the hardware and electrical schemes which keep ZombieNET2.0 going. But I'll post more on that later for what few tech heads are still out there who could appreciate such things. So after chatting it up with Dori and told her my idea about ZombieNET2.0 she convinced the Dead Heads to drag me along.

Quote of the Day: "Damn! Look'it that one. I think being dead actually improved her looks!" - Danny, Dead Head Caravan Leader and all around creepy guy


Feb. 12th, 2008 04:42 am (UTC)
Good to see living souls again on the outside...

Shinga and I are still at "Fort Fleshbag"...and we managed to cobble together a tiny community...

More on that later...

But...thank you for doing this, I'm sure the rest of us surviving folks will appreciate the service.


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