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Hokay. Sorry about the interruption folks. I'll post on my journal what was up with that later but I figure you guys are more interested in this first.

Some last few notes about AP ammo. Even if it isn't the most effective Zed Bustin' led in the galaxy, it still has uses. For example AP ammo is some of the best ammo you can use against structures, locks, and other hard to cut material and without the proper tools. Also useful against armored bandits. (Or as I like to call 'em, Level 2s. Didn't I warn you I was a geek?)

JHP - Jacketed Hallow Point. This is another type of ammo you want to keep an eye out for. This bullet, commonly used by police, swat, and anti-terrorist organizations can be easily identified by the tip being dented inward rather than coming to a point. Basically they look like a bullet that someone took a pick to and stubbed in the nose. This has advantages and makes it great zombie ammo. Why? Let me tell ya.

JHP deforms as it moves at high velocity through the air, due to that indention in its nose. So instead of being a nice point when it enters the flesh, it is actually somewhat flattened like a circle usually wider than the diameter of the original bullet. What this means is less penetrating power, larger entry wounds, more displaced mass. Which, as explained with normal FMJ rounds, means more damage to the zombie. Remember they don't feel pain. The best then we can do to them is to remove their mass, or at least not make it work right. JHP don't tend to exit the body either. Its still worth noting that you should aim for the weaker parts of the Zombie, namely back of the neck, knees and elbows.

Its worth noting that you don't want to use a JHP on an armored target like a undead swat member or a bandit. Due to the ballooning nature they have no penetration power. Same goes for attempting to shoot through walls, locks, or other fortifications. These bullets were used by police forces because they reduced the possibility of collateral damage while applied maximum structural damage to the human body.

There are some other types of ammo I'll mention but not go into detail.

Rubber Bullets - Useful on humans. Not so useful on Zeds except at close range or as a delaying tactic.

Animal Tranquilizer Bullets - Normal bullet casings with a blue clear tip containing "pellets" inside. No effect on zombies. Useful against animals ranging from dog to alligator sized. Not sure how useful it would be against wolves or escaped zoo animals. Note effects are not immediate.

Paint Balls - Require special gun and special CO2 cartridge which is rare and even harder to produce these days than ammo. Also not very useful against zombies, even if you hit them in the face. Covering their eyes doesn't seem to stop their sensing you. Useful against human targets. I find them most useful for marking things like trails, houses, etc. More convenient than spray cans.


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